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James Marion
Simeon Davison
Charles L.

Wm's Mother & Sibs
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William's Children



ORA'S father William Fess

WILLIAM "Bill" FESS, born 1854, on a farm
       3rd child of seven children of
       Henry Fess and Barbara Herring
       only 12 years old when his father died, he and his
       two older siblings had to help raise the younger four

       William died and was buried  in 1943 in Haynesville, LA
       He married Rebecca and had four children
       three boys,
and one girl, ALICE
       William lived his last years with his son,
       Ora in their Haynesville family home

William at his home
near Lima, Ohio

    One of William's brothers, Simeon Davison, (1861-1936) was elected to the U. S. Senate from Ohio in 1922. He served two terms and died in Washington, DC in 1936.
     Another brother,
James Marion, (1859-1907) was a farmer, married 16 yr. old Pearl Louise Lehman when he was 39.
     Other brothers were
Jacob Fess, (1848-1912)  Levi Fess, (1856-1929  Benjamin Fess, (1864-1866)  Charles Fess, (1866-1944) and a sister, Elizabeth (1851-1945)  and half-sister
Minta Almira Richie (1872-1912)

WILLIAM about 1928

William's son, BURR FESS
photo about 1919

William, Ora, Vaughn, Barbara Ann

William's daughter ALICE with
her husband Willard Bowsher

William's son, ORA
in Haynesville about  1926

William's son, HARRY
and wife Mary had 4 boys,
Paul, James, William, and Robert Duane

William's grandchildren by ORA

William Gerald, Don, Max, Paul, Vaughn
Kneeling are Evelyn and June

Please Note:
    Any descendants of William's brothers or sisters are welcome to send information and photos to the webmaster and will be entitled to a page or more.

William's son, ORA, was a
gasoline plant engineer in
Haynesville, LA

Michael Don Fess at the first meeting with Harry's son Robert Duane "Bob" Fess and his wife,
Joyce Ann Creps in March 2003

William holding Harry's baby Paul "Bud" next to Mary and Harry
Far left Willard and Alice, unknown, and Rebecca, Wm's wife
Far right is Farris Marshall and Mina


      William grew up on a farm near Harrod, in Allen County, Ohio . . . was 12 years old when his father died.     He stayed on the farm to help his mother, sister, Elizabeth, and his older brother, Jacob, raise the younger children and tend the farm.
      William's son,
Ora moved his family to Haynesville, Louisiana during the Haynesville oil boom of the 1920's.     In his later years, William came to Haynesville to live with Ora's family til he died in 1943.

HARRY FESS's grandaughters
Sharon Fess Leyrer on left, sister Linda, pictured right in 1966 with their Aunt Eva Hefner Grady (their mother's relative).

William's father, Henry (1808-1866) married Barbara Herring (1831-1920)
William had five brothers and a sister, sixth brother died as infant
Jacob (1848-1912) married Lizzie Broches, had Pyrle Fess, stepson Tol Haines
Elizabeth (1851-1945 married Geo. W. Brown: had Rhoda, Mina, Burl, Ada
Levi (1856-1929) married Levinia: had Lulu, Lydia, Oral, Harold Roscoe,
Earl Ray, and Harley Englehart who married Ida Mae Starkey and had
Wayne Harley & Dale
James Marion (1859-1907 married Pearl: had Lois, Icy Beatrice, & Otis
Simeon Davison (1861-1936) married Eva: had Lehr Thomas,
Lowell Thomas, and Sumner
Charles (1866-1944) married Inez: had Guy, Gerald, Madeline,
2nd wife Maud Yates
After Henry died, Barbara married A. J. Richie and had Minta Almira

Any information on these brothers or sister would be helpful.

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William's daughter-in-laws
Ora's wife Eunice and Harry's wife, Mary with son, Jimmy
Photo about 1934

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