1885 - 1974

Nearly two centuries
of Fess descendants


ORA's Children


ORA's Grandchildren
Anita June Walton
Barbara Ann Fess
Carolyn June Fess
Charles Robert Kendrick, Jr
Cheryl Louise Walton
David Weldon Fess
Debera Lynn Kendrick
Helen Ruth Fess
James Bernard Walton, III
Joan Elizabeth Fess
John Keith Walton
Kathryn Ann Kendrick
Kenneth Dan Kendrick
Mary Frances Fess
Margaret Ellen Fess
Meredith Ann Fess
Michael Don Fess
Paul Ray Fess
Stephen Larry Fess


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Ora's Father

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1885 - 1974

    Ora came to Haynesville, Louisiana about 1923 to work for the Ohio Oil Company.
    He moved his family to Louisiana and they lived in company provided homes on the north side of Haynesville known as the Ohio Oil Camp.  As of 2000, some of the homes are still there.
Ora helped to build and was responsible for operating one of the first gasoline refineries.  When he retired, they moved to Minden, LA.
     Both are buried in Haynesville

A Pictorial Family Tree

More about ORA FESS

Ora Fess, born January 27, 1885 in Ohio City, Ohio, moved to   
     Haynesville, Louisiana in early 1920's where he raised his family
     died April 13, 1974, buried Haynesville
             Father was William (1854-1943), Mother was Rebecca
Ora had two brothers, Harry and Burr, one sister, Alice
   his father William, lived with Ora during his last years
   he is also buried in Haynesville
Ora married on December 27, 1907
Eunice Lina Hutson, born Oct. 24, 1884, born Eunice Everly in   
   Brown County, Ind., died July 7, 1966, buried in Haynesville
   her father - Benjamin Everly, mother - Elizabeth Phoebe Hutson

Ora and Eunice had seven children, listed on the left index, lived their active lives and raised their children in Haynesville, Louisiana.

Ora and Eunice
Taken about 1936

         Eunice's mother, then known as grandma Stevens,  came to live with them until she died and was buried in Haynesville..
Ora's father, William, then came to live with them until he died in 1943.  William is buried in Haynesville.

A Footnote . . .
     During the depression, Ora was considered by many as being wealthy. 
       He had a job with a steady income.
(a rarity in those days)
       Postmen of the day were also considered in that category.

Ora's Family 1966 -  l to r  - Max, Don's wife,
Vaughn, wife-Corryne, Don, Paul's wife, Paul, Evelyn, husband Charlie, and June
Photo at graveside  -  Eunice's Funeral

Evelyn, the youngest, with Eunice, her mother about 1948

        ORA's father, William, had many brothers and sisters.

        As of 2002, descendants of James Marion and Simeon, have contributed photos.

Two of Ora's sons,
Don and Max
about 1932

Four generations
L to R  -   William, Ora, Vaughn,
and Vaughn's daughter, Barbara Ann
about 1941

Ora, as most of his
grandchildren remember him

Ora's daughters,
Evelyn and June
about 1938

Ora's Grandchildren 1966 -  more than half
14 of 19  -  photo at graveside  -  Eunice's Funeral

Ora's First five Grandchildren

Back row l to r
Mickey, David, and Helen.  Front    Barbara Ann, Francis


ORA and Eunice had seven children, nineteen grandchildren, and more than twenty five great grandchildren !


Two of Ora's sons,
Don and Gerald about 1920

Ora's family has a tradition of singing old songs.
Ora's son, Don, recorded many of them on audio tapes and gave copies to his children.
Ora would sing some of those songs to his great grandchildren during trips from Minden to Magnolia.

Ora's Family  -  about half of Ora's grandchildren at a reunion in Shreveport about 1980
L to r  -  Barbara Ann, Sheryl, Mary Francis, Charles, Carolyn, Meredith, David, Joanie, Michael

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