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GENERATIONS Including descendents of Icy Beatrice Fess Meckstroth

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JANUARY    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                    8  -  Stephen Fess Meckstroth (Icy Bea's Son)
11 Christine Ray Fenstermaker (David's Granddaughter)
13 William Fenstermaker (David's Son-in-law)
17 Brandon Charles Aceda (David's Grandson)
18 Ellen Sue Senter Smith Kowalski (Marilyn Senter's daughter)
24 Nikkayla Jane Kowalski (Marilyn's Granddaughter)
26 Reynold G Bly (Martha's son-in-law)
FEBRUARY  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                             2 Elizabeth Hahnert (Martha's G-daughter in-law)
3 Jaime Lynn Gibson Kiritsis (Nancy Kuker's Granddaughter)
5 Ashley Diana Smith (Marilyn's Granddaughter)
5 Melissa Gwen Mansfield Honson (Marilyn's Granddaughter)
12 Ronald Maassel, (Arlene's Son-in-law)
14 Victoria Sophia Pautsch Maassel (Arlene Pautsch's daughter)
19 Donn Eugene Bly (Martha Taylor's Grandson)
20 Chad Reynold Bly (Martha's Grandson)
20 Donald Dee Jackson (1921-1944) Martha's husband
22 Tre Cates (Martha's G's Grandson)
23 Jessica Nicole Fenstermaker (David's Great Granddaughter)
25 Rebecca Kim Meckstroth Fenstermaker (David's daughter)
26 Dylan Andrew Kiritsis (Nancy's Great Grandson)
MARCH       -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                             1 Rachael Ann Senter (Marilyn's Granddaughter)
3 Debra Ann Senter Balcom Villanueva (Marilyn's daughter)
6 Amanda Hoffman (Martha's Granddaughter)
8 Katie Arlene Melin (Arlene's Granddaughter)
11 Lieren Renee Curry (Arlene's Granddaughter)
13 Patrick Cramar (1935-1978) Martha's Son-in-law
20  -  David Earl Meckstroth (Icy Bea's son)
20 Mark Allen Meckstroth (David's son)
20 Richard Dale Hahnert (Martha's son-in-law)
25  -  Wesley George Meckstroth (1888-1978) Icy Bea's husband
30 Nathan Harvey Senter (1937-1997) Marilyn's husband
30 Karen Sue Hower Cramar (Martha's daughter)
APRIL         -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                               3 Paul Wesley Senter (Marilyn's son)
4 Erianna Marie Curry (Arlene's Granddaughter)
4 Kathleen Bly (Martha's Granddaughter-in-law)
6 Gary Senter (Marilyn's Grandson)
12 Christy Lynn Mansfield (Marilyn's Granddaughter)
14 Anna Kathleen Hower Huffman Wells (Martha's daughter)
19 Daniel Cory Senter (Marilyn's Grandson)
22 Wesley Bo Meckstroth (Stephen's Grandson)
26 Justin William Fenstermaker (David's Grandson)
MAY           ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                               3 Kevin Douglas Pautsch (1957-1980) Arlene's son
10 Heaven Rae Honson (Marilyn's Great Granddaughter)
14  -  Linda Marie Kuker Gibson (Nancy's daughter)
19 Wilfred John Kuker (Nancy's husband)
23 Eric Scott Grossman (Stephen's Grandson)
23 Anthony David Groft (Stephen's Grandson)
26 Maghan June Mahoney (Martha's Great Granddaughter)
25  -  Nancy Elizabeth Meckstroth Kuker (Icy Bea's daughter)
27 Kasi Blank Meckstroth (Stephen's daughter-in-law)
27 Christopher Smith (Marilyn's Great Grandson)
JUNE        -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                 1  -  Martha Ann Meckstroth Jackson Hower Taylor (Icy Bea's daughter)
3 Christian Taylor Aceda (David's Great Grandson)
5 Kelly Marie Kuker (Nancy's Granddaughter)
6 Dawn Marie Huffman Alford (Martha's Granddaughter)
7 Mark Douglas Savory (David's Son-in-law)
8 Sidney Taylor Rae Eddington (David's Great Granddaughter)
10 Merry Carol Hower Hahnert (Martha's daughter)
11 Herman Wesley Kuker (Nancy's son)
12 Les Alford (Martha's Grandson-in-law)
17 Kenneth Kowalski (Marilyn's son-in-law)
22 Kelly Nicole Greve (Martha's Granddaughter)
               29th  -  Otis James Fess  (1905-1974)   (Bea's Brother)
JULY        -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                                        5 Venessa Candice Meckstroth (David's Great Granddaughter)
6 Debra Bly (Martha's Granddaughter-in-law)
7 Jennifer Lynn Hahnert Mahoney (Martha's Granddaughter)
12 Lauren Bly (Martha's Great Granddaughter)
16 Nathan Eugene Kowalski (Marilyn's Grandson)
17 Rufus Arthur Pautsch (Arlene's husband)
18 Rachel Bly (Martha's Great Granddaughter)
21 Jesse Villenuava (Marilyn's son-in-law)
27 Tasha Marie Grossman (Stephen's Granddaughter)
27 Amanda Henry Meckstroth (Stephen's daughter-in-law)
28 Jessica Jean Balcom (Marilyn's Granddaughter)
28 Jennifer Jane Balcom DePuis (Marilyn's Grandson-in-law)
30  -  Flora Arlene Meckstroth Pautsch (Icy Bea's daughter)
AUGUST  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                 5 Robert Eugene Hower (1915-1967) Martha's husband
5 Lexus Jade Witte (Martha's Great Granddaughter)
12 Alice Marjatta Pautsch Curry (Arlene's daughter)
17 Allen Leonard Curry (1953-1994) Arlene's son-in-law
19  -  Icy Beatrice Fess Meckstroth (1902-1995) James Marion's daughter
22 Dianna Lynn Senter (Marilyn's Granddaughter)
26 Paul Gregory Meckstroth (1930-1952) Icy Bea's son
29 Leah Marie Meckstroth Grossman (Stephen's daughter)
31 Barbara Arlene Pautsch Melin (Arlene's daughter)
SEPTEMBER ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                           2 Penny Sue Meckstroth Imus Stevens (David's Granddaughter)
6 Tina Meckstroth (David's wife)
6 Clifford J Imus (David's Great Grandson)
6 Phyllis Jane Jackson Bly (1944-1996) Martha's daughter
13 William Otto Greve (Martha's son-in-law)
16 Brenda Denise Johnson Senter (Marilyn's daughter-in-law)
16 Sara Leigh Quinnones (David's Granddaughter)
17 Cynthia Leigh Hahnert Witte (Martha's Granddaughter)
18 Kerry David Meckstroth (David's son)
18 Kevin Mahoney  (Martha's G-son-in-law)
20 Stephanie Anne Grossman (Stephen's Granddaughter)
24 Cory Cox (Martha's Grandson-in-law)
24 Stephanie Bly (Martha's Great Granddaughter)
26 Isabella Anissa Aceda (David's Great Granddaughter)
OCTOBER    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                 1 Marilyn Jane Meckstroth Senter (Icy Bea's daughter)
2 Marsha Lynn Meckstroth Aceda Savory (David's daughter)
2 Patricia Ellen Hower Greve (Martha's daughter)
            10th  -  James Marion Fess  (1859-1907) (Bea's Father)
11 Wesley David Meckstroth David's G-son
            15th  -  Pearl Louise Lehman Fess  (1883-1963)  (Bea's Mother)
16 Paige Hubbard (Martha's Great Granddaughter)
18 Leslie Renay Aceda (David's Granddaughter)
26 Jason Michael Balcom (Marilyn's Grandson)
26 Elizabeth Marie Senter (Marilyn's Granddaughter)
NOVEMBER  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                              15 David Allen Meckstroth (Stephen's son)
18 Angela LaMae Smith (Marilyn's Granddaughter)
20 Wilfred Robert Kuker (Nancy's Grandson)
23 Faith Honson (Marilyn's Great Granddaughter)
25 Cheryl Lee Meckstroth (David's daughter)
26 Hope Hallie Honson (Marilyn's Great Granddaughter)
26 Jennifer Lynn Bly (Martha's Great Granddaughter)
30 Rebecca Ann Senter (Marilyn's Granddaughter)
DECEMBER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2nd  -  Barbara Herring Fess (1831-1920) (Bea's grandmother)
3 Robert Wayne Hahnert (Martha's Grandson)
3 Sara Angelina Huerta Aceda (David's Great Granddaughter)
5 Holly Ann Cramar Hubbard (Martha's Granddaughter)
6 Anna Leigh Alford (Martha's Great Granddaughter)
8 Cory James Grossman (Stephen's Grandson)
11th  -  Henry Fess (1808- 1866) (Bea's Grandfather)
            11th  -  Simeon D. Fess  (1861-1936) (Bea's Uncle)
11 Sandra Anne Adrienson Meckstroth (Stephen's wife)
12 Tracey White Meckstroth (David's daughter-in-law)
13 Paul C Melin (Arlene's son-in-law)
13 Wayne H Taylor (Martha's husband)
15 David Nathan Senter (Marilyn's Grandson)
17 Clayton Michael DePuis (Marilyn's Great Grandson)
18 Diana Rae Senter Mansfield (1956-1983) Marilyn's daughter
20 Wesley James Meckstroth (Stephen's son)

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