Pictorial Family Tree


Icy's Father
James Marion Fess
( 1859-1907 )

James's Siblings
Simeon Davison
Charles L.

Icy's Children

Nancy Elizabeth Meckstroth
Stephen Fess Meckstroth
David Earl Meckstroth
Martha Ann Meckstroth
Flora Arlene Meckstroth
Paul Gregory Meckstroth
Marilyn Jane Meckstroth

Birthdays of all
Icy Bea's


James Marion Fess's
Daughter Icy Beatrice

Icy Beatrice, born August 19, 1902
      her father, James Marion, died in 1907
      raised by Warren and Clara Jacobs in Lima, Ohio
     married Wesley George Meckstroth
      had seven children and lived to age 93
"Bea" graduated from Miami University (Ohio) in Education
      taught 4th grade  in Lima from 1919 to 1923 when
      she and Wes moved to Ft. Wayne, Indiana


Icy Beatrice Fess
with husband
George Wesley Meckstroth
45th Wedding Anniversary
Photo courtesy daughter
Nancy Meckstroth Kuker

Icy Beatrice "Bea" Fess
Age 22
Photo courtesy daughter
Nancy Meckstroth Kuker

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Icy's son
David Earl Meckstroth
               with wife Tina

Icy Beatrice Fess
Age 4 above
Age 13 on right
Photos courtesy daughter
Nancy Meckstroth Kuker

Icy Beatrice Fess
at age 20
Photo courtesy daughter
Nancy Meckstroth Kuker

Icy Beatrice and little sister
Lois Fess Figgens

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Icy Beatrice Fess Meckstroth about 1948
family with husband George Wesley
Children standing Martha, Arlene, Paul, David, & Nancy
Children seated Steve and Marilyn
Photo courtesy Nancy Meckstroth Kuker

Six of Icy Beatrice's children in June 1999

Stephen, Nancy, Marilyn, Martha, Arlene, & David
Photo courtesy Nancy Meckstroth Kuker

Four generations 1980
Icy Beatrice "Bea" with daughter Nancy, granddaughter Linda, great-granddaughter Jaime       Photo courtesy Nancy Meckstroth Kuker

Icy Beatrice's grandchildren by
David Earl Meckstroth
Kerry David (far left) Rebecca Kim Fenstermaker, 
Marsha Lynn Savery  (on couch) and Cheryl Lee Meckstroth, (low center) and son, Mark Allen Meckstroth holding a present.      Photo Xmas 2001  courtesy David Meckstroth

Left to right: Gary Senter (Marilyn's son) Marilyn Senter,
Vickie Maassel (Arlene's daughter) Arlene Pautsch, Will Kuker, Linda Gibson (Nancy's daughter) Lois Schuller (cousin) Steve Meckstroth, Sandra Meckstroth 
Indian River, Michigan on August 2, 2009


Back row Left to Right:
Brandon Acedo - David's Grandson, 
Bill Fenstermaker-Rebecca's hubby
Lorrie Meckstroth -Kerry's ex-wife, 
Tina Meckstroth--- David's 2nd wife
David Earl Meckstroth,  Susie Meckstroth-Mark's ex wife
Mark Meckstroth-David's son, 
Cheryl Meckstroth-David's daughter

Middle row:  Christine Fenstermaker
Rebecca Fenstermaker & Marsha Savery-David's daughters
Mark Savery- Marsha's husband, Beverly Hartzog-David's 1st wife
Leslie Acedo- David's granddaughter, Marsha's daughter

Front row:
Robert Fenstermaker-David's grandson, Rebecca's son
Jennifer Fenstermaker-David's granddaughter.
(Rebecca's daughter)
Sara Quinonis-David's granddaughter, Cheryl's daughter
Justin Fenstermaker-David's grandson, Rebecca's son

Icy Beatrice's son, David Earl Meckstroth (top center)
Family picture at Marsha's wedding
photo courtesy David Meckstroth

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