HENRY 1808-1866

Henry's Children
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WILLIAM  1854-1943


  1. -1944

William's children
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ORA FESS 1885-1974

ORA's Children

  PAUL          1908-1979
  VAUGHN    1910-1979
  WM. GERALD    1918-1997

ORA's  19 Grandchildren
Anita June Walton
Barbara Ann Fess
Carolyn June Fess
Charles Robert Kendrick, Jr.
Cheryl Louise Walton
David Weldon Fess
Debera Lynn Kendrick
Helen Ruth Fess
James Bernard Walton, III
Joan Elizabeth Fess
John Keith Walton
Kathryn Ann Kendrick
Kenneth Dan Kendrick
Mary Frances Fess
Margaret Ellen Fess
Meredith Ann Fess
Michael Don Fess
Paul Ray Fess
Stephen Larry Fess



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A Pictorial Family Tree beginning with
Henry Fess and Barbara Herring

Henry and Barbara settled in Ohio but Henry had two brothers;
One settled in New York State and the other lived in Greensburg, PA

The three brothers are believed to have immigrated from Alsace-Lorraine
Any information about the two brothers or their descendents is welcome.

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Earliest family members with details in this presentation are:
      Henry Fess (1808-1866) married Barbara Herring (1831-1920) in 1847.
They had six sons and a daughter, one of the boys died as an infant.
Jacob 1848-1912 married Lizzie Broches, had Pyrle Fess and stepson, Tol Haines.
Elizabeth 1851-1945 married George W. Brown had Rhoda, Mina, Burl, and Ada
WILLIAM 1854-1943 married Rebecca Sutton had:
ORA 1885-1974, Burr 1888, Harry 1892, Alice 1895
Levi 1856-1929 married Levinia, had Lulu, Lydia, Ora, Harold, and Jessie
JAMES MARION 1859-1907 married Pearl Louise Lehman 1883-1963 had:
            Lois Blanche 1899, Icy Beatrice 1902-1995, Otis James 1905-1990
SIMEON DAVISON 1861-1936 married Eva Candice Thomas had:
            Hamilton Lehr
1891-1965, Lowell Thomas 1895-1971, Charles Sumner 1897-1955
      CHARLES 1866-1944 married Inez Ingledue had:
            Guy Carlton 1894, Gerald H. 1892, Audrey Madeline 1901, and Donald ?


Henry married at age 39, Barbara Herring (age 16) in 1847 and over the next 19 years, had the large family listed above. Henry died on March 27, 1866, 25 days after his last son, Charles, was born leaving his wife Barbara, 23 years his junior, and his teenagers to run the farm.  Barbara later married A. J. Richie and had Minta Maybelle in 1872.

Over the years, the family migrated to other areas of the country and married, some rather late in life. 
James Marion, for instance, was 39 when he married Pearl Louise Lehman . . . quickly had three children and died. The babies had to be farmed out to other families since Pearl couldn't support them alone.  One of the boys, Otis James moved to California and his descendents live there.
Icy Beatrice married George Meckstroth and had seven children, most of whom live in the Indiana  -  Michigan area.
(this effort resulted in some of them learning the existence of each other)

William stayed on the farm, married Rebecca Sutton and had his first son, Ora at age 31. Ora then migrated to Haynesville, Louisiana, to work in the fledgling oil industry where he raised seven children.  William came to live with Ora in his last years and was buried in Haynesville in 1943.

One of Henry's sons,
Simeon, obtained an education and was elected to the
U.S. Senate from Ohio.  In that elected position, he helped frame legislation for prohibition, women's voting rights and other important movements.

The photo below, taken about 1905 shows Barbara with several of her sons and daughter,
Elizabeth, with their families.  Barbara lived to age 89, meeting her maker on April 23, 1920.

Any other information on family members is welcome . . .

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A Group Photo taken about 1905 with names listed left to right

Front row seated on ground:    Clay Kerr, Minta's son; Sumner, Lehr, and Lowell, Simeon's sons; Levi's son
(name unknown) Minta's daughter, Lelah; Levi's daughter, Lydia and his son (name unknown)
Second row:    Simeon; Jacob; Barbara (grandmother Fess) A. J. Richie holding one of Minta's sons;
Levi's wife, Lavinia, holding one of her sons; Eva, Simeon's wife, Eva
Third row: Levi; George Brown, Elizabeth's husband; Charles; Rhoda, Elizabeth's daughter;
Jacob's daughter, Pyrle; Elizabeth's son, Burl's wife, Lizzie; Elizabeth, A.J.'s daughter; Minta (Kerr), holding a son;
Ada Brown (Crawford) Elizabeth's daughter; Lulu, Levi's daughter
Fourth row:  George Kerr, Minta's husband peeking over Charles's shoulder; Burl Brown, Elizabeth's son

Photo courtesy Thomas Simeon Fess (1936-2002)


      It was said that Simeon voted the country dry and his three son's tried to drink it dry.  Simeon died at age 76 of a heart attack in Washington DC. His sons, Lowell, died of a heart attack at age 76; Sumner of a heart attack in his mid-fifties.  It was also said that Simeon's negative attitude toward drinking was because his father, Henry, was a pretty heavy drinker. (hard to believe since Simeon was barely four years old when Henry died)
      William, his older brother was probably a drinker, since his son, Ora, wouldn't allow alcohol in his home.  Ora's descendents are featured in this website created by his grandson, Michael Don, who had ready access to most of these photographs and data.

Any member or descendent of any of these families is welcome to send photos and/or information !

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